What to Take When you Fly from Fort Lauderdale to Key West

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The question of what to take in hand luggage when you fly from Fort Lauderdale to Key West is asked by many passengers. Today we will try to answer this question.

Maximum Convenience

In order not to suffer from pain in the body upon arrival and, having slept, to enjoy new impressions, take care of comfort. For this, take warm socks and slippers with you. It is very uncomfortable to be in shoes for a long time, especially winter ones. Thanks to the toes, your feet will stay warm and will be more comfortable in the chair. And the slippers come in handy if you need to visit the toilet or want to stretch out.

For those suffering from edema, it would be good to have compression stockings or tights. They increase the rate of blood flow, thereby preventing edema from forming. You can give your legs a comfortable position using an inflatable pillow or a hammock. A small hammock is attached to the back of the seat in front. It can also be used at home or at work to rest your feet.

Healthy Snack

The first thing to worry about is water. The humidity level in the plain does not exceed 15%, with normal values ​​of 40-60%. The body in such conditions is rapidly losing fluid. And its reserves must be constantly replenished.

Do not forget that containers with liquid over 100 ml must not be taken on board. And the total volume must not exceed 1 liter. Therefore, simply putting a bottle of water with you will not work.

It is allowed to buy a drink after registration in a special area of ​​the airport, but prices there are rarely democratic. The solution is simple. You just need to take an empty bottle with you and ask the flight attendant to fill it with water. To prevent the container from taking up space, buy a silicone bottle. When folded, it practically does not take precious centimeters.

Things for Freshness and Beauty

You should definitely think about hygiene. Bring sanitizer gel and antibacterial wet wipes with you. Then be sure to wipe the surrounding objects like the porthole window, armrest, seat belt, and folding table.

With the latter, you need to be especially careful, because you will eat from it. It may come as a surprise to you that the folding table is often missed during the cleaning process.

The toilet bowl in the liner toilet is also not always clean. Many people use it during the flight, and the flight attendants are forbidden to wash it because they work with food and drinks.

Washing and brushing your teeth will help you to put yourself in order. Just take toothpaste (small tube up to 100 ml), toothbrush, comb, and deodorant stick.

Some companies distribute hygiene kits, but this is usually provided for long flights. If you are used to using a certain brand of toothpaste, then take your own.

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