Southwest Recreation Center: Before and After the Pandemic

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Most Florida residents know about Southwest Recreation Center. It’s a 14 000 sq ft facility with beautiful design and numerous amenities. It features lots of sports-related places like basketball courts, cardio rooms, massage therapy, etc. There are several lounges and lockers for visitors, too. Millions of students have used it over the years. Now, after COVID-19, the place is at the early stages of reopening.

What does this recreation facility bring?

The purpose of the center is the possibility to deliver people ways of maintaining fit and healthy. The main benefits of the center are:

  • Valuable programs that are affordable or free;
  • Recreation centers help families have quality-time together;
  • There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities;
  • Regular exercise lowers blood pressure and increases the immune system;
  • Students decrease the chances of diabetes and heart diseases;
  • Sports reduces stress and improves the quality of life;
  • People can get professional consultation and achieve better results in sports and fitness;
  • Using body and mind programs or massage therapy, people stay healthier for longer.

Main changes and rules introduced

The center is not fully functioning yet. At the early stages of reopening, visitors are sure to experience several restrictions, namely shorter hours, limited capacities, fewer amenities, and so on.

In addition to these limits, the center asks people to maintain social distancing of at least 6 ft, 10 if exercising. The list of other recommendations includes wearing a mask, having one’s own water bottle. Keep in mind that the water fountains aren’t working yet.

Using SW Rec cameras, one may monitor the room’s capacities. It’ll be easy to find out if the rooms are already crowded without going there. While they used to be off, they are currently available on the official website.

Every time a visitor comes in, there’ll be temperature screening. Your temperature has to be lower than 100.4 F.

What’s been opened?

In case you are interested in visiting the place, you’d better discover if the place has opened the rooms you need. So far, visitors can access:

  • Cardio Level 1 & Level 2;
  • Singles badminton, pickleball, racquetball;
  • Weight room;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Functional training area.

Other zones will open gradually as the quarantine subsides.

Bring everything with you

Aside from personal water bottles mentioned above, visitors must bring sports equipment along. Since the Equipment Checkout is not available, it’s better to think about what you might need beforehand. Otherwise, you might end up being disappointed.

Only singles and badminton are available. All sorts of jump ropes, weight belts, other items people should bring with them if needed. Plan your workout and take everything you might need. Remember that you won’t be able to borrow things.


Although the quarantine has changed our routines drastically, life gradually returns to its course. You should adjust to the changes and make the most from the existing circumstances.

Keep in mind that it’s not the best time to neglect the danger of the virus, so keep your distance, wear masks, and follow the center’s requirements for the safest possible experience.

Bring your water and equipment. Remember that limited capacities because the center has strict restrictions on the number of visitors.

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