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Every year, the business software market chooses the best software products that have won the love of users and the respect of experts around the world. At the same time, such ratings can be compiled according to a wide variety of indicators – primarily depending on the characteristics that users are looking for. In recent years, requests for the most powerful board workflow platforms have become increasingly popular. Here is a short boardable review of the most powerful platforms on the market today and their main characteristics.

The most powerful virtual platforms and their main characteristics

The power of virtual platforms is an important indicator of the quality of the software product. How strong software is depends on its quality in different conditions and at the simultaneous connection of a large number of users. But you should not forget about other important characteristics that affect the reliability of virtual platforms.

Azeus Convene

This platform is universal and can be used in different companies with different scales of activity. At the same time, its quality of work will be equally high even at maximum loads of the system. Its main advantages also include:

  • Cross-platform;
  • High level of corporate security;
  • Built-in tools for video conferencing;
  • Options for creating and conducting presentations in real-time;
  • Full integration with corporate systems.

The effectiveness of this software is confirmed by numerous awards and millions of satisfied users around the world.


This type of non-commercial software has become a favorite of 2021 and presented the best solution for organizing the management process, which is also able to withstand heavy workloads and an almost unlimited number of users. The platform will be suitable for both top-level managers and managers of small structural departments. With its help, it is possible not only to organize directors’ meetings online but also to plan meetings, keep records of users and their actions, create a folder to store documents needed for the meeting, and much more.


This is a comprehensive software solution that provides not only the tools to organize and conduct virtual meetings, but also provides a space for sharing, using, and storing corporate documents. It can be used not only by managers but also by ordinary employees to communicate while working. The main advantages of the company include the availability of its products, the ease of their installation, configuration, and use. The platform is also able to provide the perfect work when many users are connected at the same time.


This is another powerful choice for all companies, from large corporations to small startups. Its functionality gives an opportunity not only to organize meetings and conferences but also provides solutions for storing corporate documentation, sorting it according to selected parameters, and protecting against interference from third parties. The board portal software is focused primarily on multitasking teams, as well as customers who are focused on working with clients. It is supported on devices with different operating systems and integrated with popular cloud services.

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