More than a bright star to sail her by….

I wanted to make a quick post tonight to talk about my trip planning software- and no- I wasn’t asked to do this! 🙂

I am an apple! I admit it. One of those. I suck! 😀 And I would never go back to the other guys!

In the past I did all my road planning in Google maps, but recent changes allow one only to make ten marker points and that just wasn’t going to work for me. I went looking for something else. After toodling around in the app store, I found Road Trip Planner by Modesitt Software, and I decided to shell out a modest amount to get it. I am pretty glad I did.

It is good, and being improved and updated all the time. More features are added with every update! When I did have a few issues in a much earlier version, I wrote Modesitt, and they responded super quickly. For me this is a BIG deal! They even sent out an email (one, not spam) asking clients if they had had any issues, and what they would like to see in future updates. I like to know the software I buy isn’t just being abandoned! While the program is for the computer, they now (or maybe I just only found it!) have a viewer for your mobile device. Yippeeeeee!

It even will plan your route with fuel info if you are driving, or plan better routes if you are walking! Maybe this is a standard sort of thing- I know google does it- but it made me happy.

I need to do some tweaking now. Some things have changed, and I need to update, but it’s pretty easy with Road Trip Planner!

So there we go! I think a planner is as important a piece of gear as your shoes, and if you are a mac, this is a good’un!

ww1.trek.newLook at the spiffy map! And you can screen shot your map inside the program! YAY!

As usual, check out my indiegogo campaign!

Also- updates on the trek in one easy link! 🙂

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