Best FREE VPNs to Watch Netflix

Depending on our geographic location, Netflix shows us a different catalog of movies, shows, and series. That’s because countries may not have signed an agreement with Netflix to broadcast this or that video content. Nevertheless, if country users want to watch something hidden from them, they can use the VPN to change their region and unblock the desired movie or series. However, getting around Netflix’s protection is difficult; not every VPN solution can handle it. In this article, we’ve highlighted the best free VPNs that can unblock Netflix.

Free VPN for watching Netflix – PrivadoVPN

As mentioned earlier, finding the right VPN to work with Netflix is difficult, even if you only consider the paid versions of these solutions. Free VPNs that can bypass Netflix protection can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and PrivadoVPN is one of them. However, for this solution to get past Netflix’s blocking, you will need to do some pre-configuration. If the setup is successful, PrivadoVPN will be able to work with Netflix UK and America, which have a wide variety of libraries. One of its main advantages is that it works both on the computer and on mobile devices of any OS. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the work of this VPN on mobile devices is not as effective, and the video bandwidth is noticeably reduced. Also, you will not be able to stream your favorite TV show through this VPN, but chances are that soon PrivadoVPN will release an update to allow you to do so.

To set up PrivadoVPN, you need to:

    • Register with PrivadoVPN
    • Make sure your email is up to date
    • Select “streaming content” when choosing the configuration
    • Install VPN on your device

Windscribe WAPN overview

The main advantage of Windscribe is that it streams many Netflix regions, which sets it apart from other free VPNs. It unlocks six libraries, the list of which includes:


      • Great Britain
      • Rumunia
      • France
      • Turkey
      • Germany
      • Switzerland

As we can see, the program cannot unblock the US version of Netflix. Windscribe is secure enough and fast enough to provide high-quality streaming without buffering. With it, you can count on HD video quality, even Ultra HD. However, since the speed figures are quite average, this quality is inconsistent and can become blurry at any moment. Nevertheless, this is not a big deal for the free version, but it is worth noting that the VPN provider also has a paid version of its services. There are no intrusive ads in Windscribe, and you don’t have to do any additional configuration to start using it.

One unpleasant thing about this provider is that it sets a data limit of 10GB per month, which equates to 4 hours of HD quality viewing, and that’s pretty low.

VPNhub Review

Despite its rather average performance, VPNhub is a free vpns to watch netflix, and it remains a fact. It can unblock Netflix’s American library outside of the United States. It has no data restrictions, you can watch unlimited movies and shows every day, and it doesn’t limit the streaming speed, but it only works on mobile devices. Also, VPNhub can ONLY unblock the US region, but that’s not considered a big disadvantage, given that Netflix USA has no hidden video content.

As mentioned, its speed is satisfactory enough and allows you to watch movies and shows in high quality without buffering. It is worth warning that VPNhub is best used only for watching Netflix, as the provider collects too much data about the user and therefore is not trustworthy regarding confidential online activities.

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