American Highways: Roads, Technologies, Iowa Dot Cameras

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Driving on Florida expressways, as well as on highways in other states, and on local roads, leads residents of other countries to a state of affection and envy. This happens because these roads are so clean, even, smooth, well-groomed, equipped, and comfortable for the driver and a car. It is possible to say that they are almost perfect.

And besides, they are also durable. And the secret here is simple: American highways, as well as most local roads of different categories, are concrete. And, unlike European ones, they are designed for much higher loads and bandwidth. In this article, we will discuss how Americans succeeded and made such good roads.

Technology of Success

The track itself is laid out in the form of a complex hamburger. First, about a meter of soil is chosen for it. Then, layer by layer with a rammer, a pillow of gravel, sand, and clay is poured, and combined with water and a solution of calcium chloride or lime mortar. The result is a pillow that retains a constant percentage of water and does not sag during road use.

At the next stage, a double layer of dense asphalt with a thickness of 5-7 cm is laid. Thereby, firstly, a flat surface is prepared for placing concrete. And secondly, it serves as waterproofing and does not allow water to flow under the concrete through thermal joints. After that, the reinforcing mesh is laid and the concrete paver fills this section of the road with a 30-cm layer of concrete from one thermal seam to another. The concrete must be monolithic. It will gain full strength only after 28 days. And such a highway will serve without overhaul for 25 years, but in practice, it serves even for 30-40 years. There are sections of roads, which were laid as early as 1960. And they are still in excellent condition.

Such Roads are Profitable

At the same time, it is extremely profitable to build such roads. For every gallon (4L) of gasoline paid by an American at a gas station, 2.5 cents goes to the Federal Highway Fund, adding tens of billions of dollars annually to it. In addition, it is also filled with car taxes, road tolls, private investment, and sales of securities. That is, highways with the help of this fund have become a profitable state commercial enterprise.

According to expert estimates, the cost of the US road transport infrastructure exceeds two trillion dollars. This is more than 15% of the value of all productive assets of the country!

The Main Benefits from Utilizing Iowa Dot Cameras

At the same time, every billion dollars invested in the development of the US road infrastructure leads to the creation of 35,000 jobs. Currently, more than 300,000 people are employed in American road construction. And as iowa dot cameras show, it also helps to avoid more than 1,500 deaths and 50,000 injuries in road accidents. In addition, these same cameras help to avoid various crimes related to roads.

Finally, economists have calculated that every dollar invested in the US in road construction has saved two dollars over the past forty years. It happened through savings in health care and insurance, lower unemployment, and increased productivity.

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